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Colin Firth takes risks in new film 'Arthur Newman'

Colin Firth takes risks in new film 'Arthur Newman'
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British actors Colin Firth and Emily Blunt star in the romantic comedy ‘Arthur Newman’.

Firth plays a man totally bored by himself and his existence, so he makes a life changing decision.

The actor explained: “He decides he is not going to settle for it. He is going to give himself one last chance, he fakes his death and takes on a new identity and pursues the golf thing and this time he is going to make it happen. It’s about the coincidence of two people who are running away from their lives, finding each other, interacting.”

During this road trip, he meets Emily Blunt’s character, a kleptomaniac fleeing from domestic turmoil.

A devil may care romance develops and things get out of hand, says Firth: “They break into people’s houses, dress up in other people’s clothes and have sex.”

The Brits had to adopt American accents for their roles.

Emily Blunt believes getting the accent right is not enough: “I think you can’t do an accent. You’ve got to find a voice. I think that’s the key whenever I have done an American accent you have to base it on someone or something or the character. You can’t just do an accent.”

‘Arthur Newman’ is out in the United States.