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Punch-up in Venezuelan parliament linked to election dispute

Punch-up in Venezuelan parliament linked to election dispute
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Political consensus was evidently in short supply on Tuesday when a fight broke out in Venezuela’s parliament.

Punches were thrown when opposition members were denied the right to speak in the National Assembly until they recognised President Maduro’s recent election victory.

Seven opposition members were injured in the affray.One of them, Julio Borges said:

“We will continue fighting millimetre by millimetre, advancing, and giving the Venezuela of the future an opportunity. Precisely for this reason the government has turned to violence because we …are going to triumph.”

The vote earlier this month to elect Hugo Chavez’s successor exposed a nation evenly divided. Centre-right candidate Enrique Capriles who lost by 1.5 percentage points has complained of thousands of irregularities.

The winner, Nicolas Maduro, who was favoured by Chavez, has refused to allow a re-count to verify his victory.

In another potential flash point, both sides are planning rival marches in Caracas to commemorate May Day.