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Parliamentary punch-up over disputed election in Venezuela

Parliamentary punch-up over disputed election in Venezuela
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Venezuelan politicians have turned to their fists to get their point across as violence erupted in the parliament.

Laptops and chairs flew across the floor after opposition members were blocked from speaking until they recognised the electoral victory of President Nicolas Maduro.

The chosen successor to Hugo Chavez, Maduro who clinched victory by just 1.5 percentage points, has accused the opposition of planning a coup.

“We know that the opposition came to provoke violence and that a fight broke out. This cannot be repeated. I spoke personally to the president of the National Assembly and he is going to take disciplinary measures so that events like this will not be repeated,” he said.

Seven opposition members were injured in the fracas and pointed the finger at the government. Democratic Unity member, Julio Borges, speaking at a press conference sporting a black eye recalls his experience: “These people came to where we were seated and without a word, hit us on our backs.”

Showing no sigh of giving in, opposition leader Henrique Capriles, has called for a vote by vote recount.

Rival protests have been planned for May Day, sparking fears of violent clashes.