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Letta's call for growth over austerity warmly welcomed in Paris

Letta's call for growth over austerity warmly welcomed in Paris
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New Italian prime minister Enrico Letta is proposing economic stimulus at a European level, following on from his calls for an end to austerity.

Letta made the remarks at a press conference in Paris with French President Francois Hollande.

The Italian premier is on the second leg of a European tour.

Despite arguing against strict austerity, Letta pledged Italy would meet debt targets set by the European Union.

Describing the need to act with the same vigour applied to austerity when it comes to growth, Letta said: “It’s necessary to ensure that during the Council European in June, without wasting time, Europe be able to do everything it can. To take the necessary measures with the same determination that has previously been applied to fiscal consolidation.”

Standing beside him, Hollande added: “We have an obligation today is to make the same effort, but this time for growth, for economic activity and employment – especially for young people.”

Facing the task of uniting both the left and right in Italy’s new coalition, Letta’s focus on growth has provnd more popular in Paris than when he visited Berlin the day before.

From the press conference in Paris, euronews correspondent Gianni Maggi said: “Letta’s European tour is moving in the direction of strengthening the push for new policies more orientated towards growth. An approach that’s been led by France.”