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A sombre May Day in Bangladesh after building collapse

A sombre May Day in Bangladesh after building collapse
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In Bangladesh the May Day march took place in the shadow of the nation’s worst industrial disaster.

The Rana Plaza complex which housed a textile factory collapsed last week in Dhaka killing 400 .

Tens of thousands of protesters vented their fury at poor working conditions in the wake of the accident.

A workers’ representative at the demonstration, Amirul Hoq says that a sense of sorrow prevails over the May Day celebrations due to the tragic building collapse.

Garment workers’ representative Moshrefa Mishu is demanding that the building owner, who was arrested on Monday, should be condemned to death by hanging. She is also calling for compensation to paid out to the victims.

The EU has voiced concerns over workers’ safety and is considering trade action to encourage improvements.

Western retailers have promised to pay compensation the families of workers who died whilst making their clothes.

With 150 missing one week on, dozens of relatives are still awaiting news of their loved ones.