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'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' - rethinking the American dream

'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' - rethinking the American dream
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With a Princeton degree under his belt, life in America looks sweet for brilliant Pakistani emigré Changez, in a well-paid Wall Street job
and with a beautiful sweetheart, Erica.

Then 9/11 takes place, and turns his world upside-down. Based on Mohsin Hamid’s eponymous bestselling novel, ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ stars Riz Ahmed, Kate Hudson, and Kiefer Sutherland.

“The events of 9/11 had a profound effect on me and yet I had never thought of it from this perspective. We spend a great deal of time focusing on the people in the towers and their families and rightfully so, and the people on the planes and their families, and the great loss that is immediately in front of us, but there was a ripple effect from 9/11 and profoundly people’s lives were changed. And a lot of it came from the things I hate the most: racism, prejudice, ignorance, fear. And this film and this script took a look at it from that perspective; and I hadn’t thought about it and I was embarrassed that I hadn’t thought about it,” admits Sutherland.

The film is from critically acclaimed writer and director Mira Nair, who says she immediately related to Hamid’s story – being a person of more than one world. She has homes in her native India, Uganda and the United States.

“I have lived in both sides of the world actively and really am a hybrid of both and that’s what the bones of that novel gave me, that it was not only a chance to make a modern tale about a young Pakistani man who dreams of America, but was also a dialogue with America – about an American man that he speaks to – which in the movie is a full-fledged character played by Liev Schreiber, but in the novel it was a monologue and the American never spoke,” says Nair.

After featuring in several festivals the film is now coming out in America and Europe.