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Bangladesh turns down foreign help after building collapse

Bangladesh turns down foreign help after building collapse
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The government of Bangladesh has praised local efforts to rescue survivors after the collapse of a building housing clothing factories.

The words of encouragement come after Bangladesh turned down foreign help which the UN says had been offered.

Authorities in Dhaka say they are confident the country can handle the task on its own.

Groups of workers clashed with each other near the stricken building in Savar – with some wanting the factories to reopen and others saying they should stay closed in mourning for the victims. At least 380 people were killed when the building collapsed on April, 24.

British clothing retailer Primark and Canadian distributor Loblaw are offering the victims’ families compensation, emergency food aid and other assistance.

Building owner Mohammed Sohel Rana has appeared in court over the worst industrial accident in Bangladesh’s history. He was arrested on Sunday whilst trying to flee the country.