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Dali gets the full treatment in Madrid

Dali gets the full treatment in Madrid
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The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia is reclaiming one of Spain’s most famous sons with a new exhibition on Salvador Dali.

Dali is known as a surrealist painter, an intellectual, and a philosopher of the arts at the forefront of the early 20th century.

It is time to take stock of his entire body of work according to art critic George Stolz.

“We’ve seen, in recent years, some really incredible exhibitions reviewing Dali’s career, actually changing how we see it, his work, his career. Particularly, in 2004 which it was the anniversary, it really changed the way we see Dali. Now, it’s time to take that revision and consolidate it into a fuller view of Dali, not just the late Dali versus the early Dali. The entire Dali,” he said.

This exhibition runs chronologically through the painter’s career, but focuses particularly on his surrealist period. However, the most surprising part are the rooms devoted to Dali’s interest in science.

“Dali has a great respect for tradition, but at the same time, a constant desire to experiment, to innovate with new technologies like holography or stereoscopy. He always tried to go further, but with painting as a reference, at a moment when painting was losing ground to photography, cinema, to happenings. Dali uses all these elements, but he reminds us that painting is eternal,” said Curator Montse Aguer.

The show boasts more than 200 works, some of which have never been seen in Spain before,. It runs until September 2.