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Italy: Police shooting blamed on 'atmosphere in Italian society'

Italy: Police shooting blamed on 'atmosphere in Italian society'
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Following the shooting of two police officers while Italy’s new government was being sworn in, euronews spoke to Deputy Editor-in-Chief of TM news agency Alessandro Amati about the possible motivations of the man arrested and the wider implications for Italy.

“It seemed clear from the earliest moments that it was the act of a single person and not linked to terrorism. Certainly it’s a consequence of the current atmosphere in Italian society – tension, concern, uncertainty about the future,” said Amati from his office in Rome, located close to the prime minister’s office where the shooting took place.

“Now, it’s necessary to send a peaceful and calm message. One of the first measure of Letta’s government will be certainly focused on reviving the Italian economy in some way, in order to send a message of hope and confidence,” he added.