More arrests over Dhaka building collapse, owner on the run

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More arrests over Dhaka building collapse, owner on the run

More arrests over Dhaka building collapse, owner on the run
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Four more arrests have been made in the wake of the collapsed eight-story building in Bangladesh.

They include the owner and managing director of one of the factories in the complex who turned themselves in the authorities.

Two engineers involved in the building’s construction have also been taken into custody.

Police said the owner of the eight-storey structure, Mohammed Sohel Rana, is still on the run and an alert had gone out to airport and border authorities to prevent him from fleeing the country.

As the body count rose, pressure built to bring those responsible to justice.

According to the district police chief in Dhaka, the arrests came because warnings were ignored that the building was unsafe after a jolt was felt and cracks appeared in supporting pillars .

One volunteer said the bodies being recovered cannot be identified as nobody has come forward to claim them.

Most are starting to decompose and have been handed over to an organisation that prepares unclaimed bodies for funeral because they’re beginning to smell.

The death toll has now climbed to at least 352 but as many as 900 bodies are still thought to lie beneath the rubble, police said.

Time is running out for the survivors, leaving relatives desperate, though 29 people were pulled from rubble alive, three days after disaster.

Euronews spoke to one woman who is still searching for her sister and who said there were hundreds of workers on site, but nobody is being found. She just wants her sister either dead or alive.

For many families the best they can do is plaster photos and posters of their loved ones on walls, so that bodies can be identified to be given a dignified burial.