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Spain's jobless total reaches a record six million

Spain's jobless total reaches a record six million
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Spain’s unemployment rate has reached a record new high.

The number of people out of work is now just over six million, raising the jobless rate in the eurozone’s fourth biggest economy to 27.2 percent.

The new figures also reveal that there are close to two million households where no-one is working.

Outside a Madrid job centre, one man told euronews: “We are four people (at home), four of us of legal age and none of us has a job. My wife and I get a government subsidy and we have to pay a mortgage and that is what overwhelms us.”

The worst than expected figures will heap further pressure on to Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who is due to announce further spending cuts on Friday.

But thousands are expected to make their feelings clear on Thursday evening with an anti-austerity rally planned outside parliament.