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Serbian President kneels for forgiveness over Srebrenica massacre

Serbian President kneels for forgiveness over Srebrenica massacre
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‘On bended knee’, Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic has apologised for the Srebrenica massacre committed by Serbian forces in 1995.

The admission comes just two days after Bosnian Muslim leader Bakir Izetbegovic visited Belgrade. He had recently urged Nikolic to recognise Srebrenica as genocide.

In extracts posted online of an interview for Bosnian TV, the Serbian leader said he was kneeling for forgiveness but stopped short of uttering the word genocide.

A former member of the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party, Nikolic provoked fury in Bosnia for declaring that there was no genocide in Srebrenica during an interview just after his inauguration last June.

Relatives of the 8,000 Bosnian Muslims killed during the massacre are not convinced of Nikolic’s sincerity.

Munira Subasic, president of the Mothers of Srebrenica Association, has said that kneeling is not enough, he must define the crime, as international courts do, as genocide.