Street clashes follow gay marriage vote in Paris

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Street clashes follow gay marriage vote in Paris

Street clashes follow gay marriage vote in Paris
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Protesters opposing the passage of France’s same-sex marriage bill clashed with police in Paris and other major cities late on Tuesday night.

Many of them have vowed to fight on over an issue which has split the country.

Earlier deputies in the French parliament had voted 331 to 225 in favour of legalising gay marriage.

But the celebrations of those supporting the bill were soon disrupted by protests within the National Assembly.

Opposition conservatives and centrists have said they will appeal to the country’s top court, the Constitutional Council, to have the bill struck down. They are claiming such a social change should have been decided by referendum.

Following the vote, members of the gay and lesbian community flocked to a square in central Paris to congratulate each other.
The so called “marriage for all” bill also allows for same sex couples to adopt.

Reporting for euronews Giovanni Magi said:

“Supporters of “marriage for all” are celebrating in Le Marais, the symbolic district of the gay community in Paris. But they will have to allow for appeals and for the official signing into law, before attending the first gay marriage in France.