Apple set for an i-fall

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Apple set for an i-fall

Apple set for an i-fall
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Apple’s latest quarterly trading statement is expected to include the first drop in profits for a decade.

Analysts are predicting that the iPad and iPhone maker’s revenue will have risen, but are looking for a fall of up to 18 percent in earnings with increasing pressure from the Android operating system and smartphone rival Samsung.

Anticipating problems, investors have been selling Apple shares.

They recently broke below 400 dollars for the first time since December 2011 and have fallen by 40 percent since September last year.

Google losses to Apple on iPhone patent

There was some good news for Apple this week as the US International Trade Commission ruled that it did not violate a Google patent in its iPhones.

Apple had initially been accused of infringing on six patents for iPhone-related technology covering everything from reducing signal noise to programming the device’s touch screen so a user’s head does not accidentally activate it while talking on the phone.

Two were removed from the case, and the ITC said last August that Apple was innocent of infringing three others.

If Apple had been found guilty of violating the patent, its devices could have been banned from being imported into the United States.

Google can appeal the decision to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. “We’re disappointed with this outcome and are evaluating our options,” the company said in a statement. A spokeswoman for Apple declined comment.