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Boston bombing suspect possibly identified, but not in custody

Boston bombing suspect possibly identified, but not in custody
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As Americans search for answers, the investigation into the Boston Bombings gets more confused. The US attorney’s office of Massachusetts has confirmed no suspect has been arrested, despite media reports to the contrary. Significant progress has been made just 48 hours after the incident.

Investigators are analysing security videos possibly showing a suspicious person. So far no individual or group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano called for public support.

“We continue to urge the American public to remain vigilant, and to immediately report any signs of suspicious activity to local law enforcement.”

The hunt for clues continues as line of inquiry rests on remnants of pressure cookers. Investigators also recovered pieces of black nylon, ball bearings and nails and believed the devices were concealed inside heavy bags. So far these are the strongest leads, but many hope that the man identified will lead them to the killers.

The Boston marathon bombings killed 3 and left at least 176 wounded.

Compensation for the victims has been announced but at this stage it is unclear how much money will be available.