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First first MEP. elections in Croatia

First first MEP. elections in Croatia
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Croatian voters will go to the polls on Sunday to select the country’s first-ever group of MEPs.

The country of 4.4 million people joins the European Union on July 1st, the second nation to do so from the former Yugoslavia.

However, opinion polls suggest that enthusiasm for becoming the 28th EU member has dropped in recent years, especially as the eurozone crisis rumbles on.

The lack of campaign posters in the streets of Dubrovnik and the absence of any headlines in newspapers about the European elections reveal a certain indifference about the issue.

The citizens of this important tourist destination — a key sector for Croatia — are more interested in the referendum at the end of the month on the proposed construction of a golf course.

Tourism is now booming, with 700,000 visitors per year, and Croatians are already preparing for the impact of changing the local kuna for the euro in a few years time.