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Spanish language war erupts between Madrid and Barcelona

Spanish language war erupts between Madrid and Barcelona
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A Catalonian court ruling has sparked a row over what version of Spanish is taught in the country’s schools.

Until now, all students in the region have been taught in Catalan. But a challenge to the law has resulted in a decision that means if one child wants to be taught in Castillian Spanish, then the whole class must follow.

The Catalan Education Minister, Irene Rigau, believes the ruling is ridiculous: “We guarantee the right of every family to ask for individual attention at elementary and primary schools. But that right cannot affect the rights of other families,” she said.

The Catalan schools platform says only 17 families have asked for the changes, which is not fair on thousands of others. However, its spokesman Josep Maria Cervello is not too concerned because he says “the ruling won’t even be applied.”

Outside the education system, some see the ruling as an attack on Cataluyna’s recent attempts to gain more independence.

A left-wing Catalonian MP was ejected from the national parliament in Madrid for speaking in Catalan after he protested the ruling should be applied there too.