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Former N Korea spy says military threats show Kim's insecurity

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Former N Korea spy says military threats show Kim's insecurity
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A former North Korean spy says Pyongyang’s recent threats are born from the insecurity of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Hyun-Hee says that Kim is too young and inexperienced and is struggling to gain complete control of the military forcing him to make many visits to military bases to firm up loyalty and support.

She also said: “North Korea is using it’s nuclear program to keep it’s people in line and to push South Korea and the United States for concessions.”

In 1987, on the orders of the current leaders father, Kim Jung-Il, Ms Kim bombed a South Korean aircraft carrier killing 115 people.

She was later captured with a male colleague and they both ate their issued cyanide pills. While the
man died instantly she somehow survived.

She was then sentenced to death by South Korea but later pardonned a few years later as it was deemed she was the victim of brainwashing from the North.

It is not known what links she still has with her mother country but her views about Pyongyang’s motivations are not shared by many other veteran analysts.

North Korea has so far shown no sign of mobilising its 1.2 million strong army for war, but speculation remains high that the reclusive state may perform some provocative act – such as a missile launch or nuclear test – on Monday, to coincide with the birthday 101st celebrations of the country’s founder, Kim il-Sung.