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'The Weekend' reunites ex-terrorist's friends and family

'The Weekend' reunites ex-terrorist's friends and family
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After 18 years in prison, former terrorist Jens Kessler is being released. His sister organises a welcome home weekend with old friends – among them his former lover and her husband. Friends from his criminal past are also invited and stories are swapped. But one burning question remains – who betrayed Jens to the police?

Respected German actress Katja Riemann plays Jens’ former girlfriend in ‘Das Wochenende’ or ‘The Weekend’.

Riemann says it was a stretch to play her: “She’s a character which is far away from mine. I had to approach the film character on one hand, but also pull her towards me, so we met in the middle. But, of course, after so many years of acting it is still the challenging roles which are the most exciting because you face the challenge and ask yourself ‘will I fail or will I make it’.”

The movie is based on the book ‘The Weekend’ by Bernhard Schlink, who wrote ‘The Reader’, which was also adapted for the big screen and starred Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes.

Schlink was pleased with the transition: “In this version some parts were omitted and aspects were added. The film is less political than the book and focuses more on the relationships, but in a very good way. And the cast is exceptional.”

Sebastian Koch, who plays Jens, said it works very well on the big screen: “So many things are unsaid but implied. That’s the beauty of cinema, you have the visual aspect which can show moods, thoughts and emotions. This is what this film does very well, it is a great cinema movie.”

‘The Weekend’ is now playing in cinemas in Germany.