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South Korea steps up watch as North moves missiles

South Korea steps up watch as North moves missiles
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South Korea believes there a “very high” probability that North Korea will launch a medium-range missile at any time as a show of strength.

Seoul has pressed China and Russia to use their influence with the North to ease tensions and convince Pyongyang to call off its threat to launch a nuclear war.

In the meantime, South Korea says it is stepping up its surveillance of North Korean activity.

Pyongyang has already warned foreigners in the South to leave in case the conflicts erupts into war and concern for some is growing.

“The Russian embassies both in South Korea and in North Korea are not worried about the situation on the Korean peninsular, and they say that Russian citizens can stay in Korea. And even if something will happen, they will evacuate the people of Russia immediately,” said Daria Todorova, a Russian exchange student,

Italian exchange student Emanuela Berinetti spoke of her family’s fears:
“My mom is really scared. She calls me twice a day saying, “Are you serious? You don’t want to come back to Italy?” But I think that’s just because she is not here.”

Meanwhile in Seoul protests over Pyongyang’s position are unlikely to diminish in the coming days as the North will put on a show of strength to celebrate several anniversaries, including the birth of the North’s founder Kim Il-Sung.