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Too many presidents after Montenegro's election

Too many presidents after Montenegro's election
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The candidates in Montenegro’s presidential election are being urged to show maturity and allow the electoral commission to decide who won.

Both men, the incumbent president Filip Vujanovic and the challenger Miodrag Lekic, claimed victory after the vote.

It is a small country in the Adriatic, where the president has a largely ceremonial role among the population of less than 700,000.

But a win for the Democratic Front challenger, Lekic, would prove to be a stinging blow to the Democratic Party of Socialists, who have been in power for two decades.

It would also undoubtedly rattle the European Union, which Montenegro is hoping to join.

Milica Vujacic, who lives in the capital Podgorica said: “Whoever wins, that’s fine by me, just so long as we get more jobs, that’s what I want. I lost my job and have no bread. Can you believe it, I don’t have 50 cents for a loaf of bread.”

Fellow resident Petar Djurovic added: “This will be decided at Montenegro’s institutions. These people will only have their president in a legal way once the European Union exerts some pressure.”

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, whose observers monitored the election, called on each candidate to accept the official result when it comes, so public confidence in the democratic process can be strengthened.