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Euronews Correspondent attacked in Cairo

Euronews Correspondent attacked in Cairo
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Euronews correspondent Mohammed Sheikhibrahim was attacked while reporting in the Egytian capital, Cairo. He explains what happened.

“I was doing my job covering the demonstration and about to do my standup. In the middle of it, they stopped me and said that I was a Shi’ite because of my accent. It is the same as the Lebanese accent. I told them that I am not Shi’ite. My name is Mohammed from Palestine and I am working for EuroNews, which they believed is also Shi’ite.

They asked for my identification. I was concerned with giving it to them. They then broke it and at that moment the attack began. They began pushing me from behind, and I felt punches to my back. My hands were in my pocket. Another group tried to take the camera from the cameraman who became separated from me.

I kept telling them that I am Palestinian and my name is Mohammed, a Sunni name, but they wouldn’t listen.”