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Samoan airline makes fat people pay more

Samoan airline makes fat people pay more
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A Samoan airline that charges passengers by their weight and not by seat has defended this as the fairest method.

Samoa Air began this policy in November and it has once again caught attention following a Norwegian report that suggested obese passengers should be charged more.

One passenger said: “I don’t think it’s really fair because the skinny people will be paying less and the bigger people will be paying a whole more and I’ve got a bit of weight.”

But Chris Langton the Samoa Air CEO disagreed with this saying:

“Once people have acknowledged that the aeroplane runs by weight and not by seats it makes it a lot easier for them to understand and recognise that its actually the fairest possible system of air carriage that’s available.”

It is hardly surprising that the first airline to use this policy came from Samoa, according to a 2008 World Health Organisation (WHO) study almost 60 percent of its population is considered obese.