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Palestinian prison death sparks protests

Palestinian prison death sparks protests
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Violence between Palestinians and Israeli security forces has broken out in Hebron after a high-profile Palestinian prisoner died in jail from cancer.

Palestinians accuse the Israeli authorities of medical negligence.

The Palestinian Authority says Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus earlier this year and despite a request for his release for treatment he remained in prison.

As news of his death filtered through Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke in Ramallah:

“This indicates the intransigence of the Israeli government, it’s tyranny and arrogance, particularly against prisoners for freedom.”

The death also sparked Palestinian protests inside Israeli jails after detainees learned of his demise.

His family are in a state of shock.

His sister was expecting better news:

“It was really hard to hear the news of his death because we were expecting him to be released from prison for treatment,” he said.

Abu Hamdiyeh was jailed in 2002 for attempted murder, possessing weapons and being a member of Hamas.
The treatment of Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails is a hugely contentious issue and many are on hunger strike to protest their incarceration.