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Italy: Napolitano holds first meeting with 'wise men'

Italy: Napolitano holds first meeting with 'wise men'
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Italian President Giorgio Napolitano has held his first meeting with the group of 10 experts he has tasked with setting the country’s political course after the inconclusive February 24-25 general election.

He named the so called “wise men” after Democratic Party leader Pier Luigi Bersani was unable to form a government.

The leader of the 5-Star movement Beppe Grillo refused to enter a into coalition and Bersani in turn refused to ally himself with Silvio Berlusconi who heads the People of Freedom party.

The panel of experts is made up of five members of political parties and five senior institutional figures who Napolitano says he chose using objective criteria based on their previous work or role.

Many in Italy have expressed scepticism about what they can realistically achieve, while others have pointed to the fact that there are no women on the panel.