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Italians exasperated by Napolitano's latest move

Italians exasperated by Napolitano's latest move
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Italy’s President Georgio Napolitano has appointed a group of 10 experts to come up with an economic plan for the country. The main political parties have failed to form a government since inconclusive elections on February 24-25.

In Rome, one resident was critical of Napolitano’s move, complaining: “It’s the usual mess – decisions that are totally inadequate and taken with no respect to what the Constitution says. I think all this will lead to an ugly end.”

Another local was worried about the lack of progress, saying: “I hope that we’ll all be OK and that someone will take responsibility.”

“I would have expected the main parties, the Democratic Party, the PDL and Five Star, to have shown some responsibility by now – because we’ve still not reached the bottom, but I am very concerned we soon will,” she continued.

President Georgio Napolitano is hoping his 10 ‘wise men’ will be able to develop a policy platform that can win cross-party support and end the political impasse.