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Cyprus President under fire as blame game kicks off

Cyprus President under fire as blame game kicks off
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An investigation is being launched into Cyprus’ banking crisis and President Nicos Anastasiades said it should start at the top: with him.

The President’s family has been accused by Cypriot and Greek media of transferring millions of euros out of the country days before the crisis began.

Anastasiades said: “Because over the last few days, I’ve been facing judgement, I ask you to make it a priority to investigate any accusations that have been made against me, directly or indirectly.”

“And do not limit yourselves to my relatives only. Widen your search to the legal office where I was a partner,” Anastasiades continued.

Last month, Cyprus’ banks were closed for nearly two weeks.

Since then, the country’s second largest lender, Laiki, has been shut down. Depositors at Cypriot banks are still facing potential levies on their accounts and limits on how much money they can move.