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A world of wonder

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A world of wonder
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There has been a special buzz around this year’s WonderCon. With an ever growing number of stories and serials making their way to the silver screen, fans and industry insiders are increasingly on the lookout for the next big thing.

This means the annual San Francisco based comic book, sci-fi and motion picture convention is an unmissable event. Among the most eagerly anticipated clips was a glimpse of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”, the first screen adaptation of a massively popular book series by author Cassandra Clare.

It has been billed as the next “Twilight” but the movie stars are understandably keen to play down any comparisons.

Actress Lily Collins said: “It’s impossible to compare something to what was known as the first franchise to really hit big. And that’s ‘Twilight.’ It was its own entity to itself. It’s OK to hope to have a fan base like that. But I think when it comes to comparing and contrasting, it’s so different. I mean, this is a world where there’s angels and demons. It’s a totally different alternate universe.”

A different universe or not, sequels have been planned if this first venture proves to be a success. The Mortal Instruments is set for general release in most cinemas around the world in August.

“Evil Dead” lives again.

The 1981 low-budget horror movie that became a cult hit and launched director Sam Raimi’s career has been rebooted… with the blessing of Raimi and original star Bruce Campbell.

The film revolves around a group of young people who encounter an evil presence in a remote cabin in the woods. What follows will hardly be a surprise but it is often shocking.

Speaking about the challenging of performing in a gory horror, actress Jane Levy said: “It turned out to be a little bit more hard than it was fun. It was mostly torture. Every day it was like, ‘How am I going to get through this?’ You know, getting buried alive was probably the hardest thing I did in this movie. I had a plastic bag tied around my head and an oxygen tube behind my ear. And I laid in a ditch until I was completely covered with dirt. And that was hard.”

“Evil Dead” is set for staggered worldwide release across cinemas this week.

Ghost hunters

The latest scary movie from “Saw” and “Insidious” director James Wan aims for some real-life grounding.

The Conjuring is a story about a pair of real-life ghost hunters who are played in the film by Insidious star Patrick Wilson and The Departed’s Vera Farmiga.

Director James Wan said: “the film is basically a story based on Ed and Lorraine Warren and one particular case that they investigated. That involves a family growing up in Rhode Island and the troubles- the supernatural troubles – they encountered while living in this farmhouse.”

“The Conjuring” is set for worldwide release this summer.