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10 'wise men' try to get Italy's politics moving

10 'wise men' try to get Italy's politics moving
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The so called 10 “wise men” are due to get to work in Italy on Tuesday, where they will try to set the country’s political course after the inconclusive February 24-25 general election.

They were appointed by President Giorgio Napolitano on March 30 after Democratic Party Leader Pier Luigi Bersani was unable to end the political stalemate to form a government.

A spokesman for Napolitano said each of the experts has been chosen using objective criteria based on their previous work or role.

The panel is made up of five members of political parties, they are; house speaker Luciano Violante of the Democratic Party (DP), Senator Gaetano Quagliariello of the People of Freedom (PdL) party, Mario Mauro of Civic Choice, Northern League MP Giancarlo Giorgetti and Filippo Bubbico a PD Senator.

The other five are senior institutional figures; Enrico Giovannini the head of statistics agency ISTAT, European Affairs Minister Enzo Moavero, Salvatore Rossi of the Bank of Italy, Constitutional Court President Valerio Onida and Competition Authority head Giovanni Pitruzzella.

They are tasked with drafting a programme of reforms that could get cross party backing, and a top priority is expected to be changing Italy’s much criticised electoral system to ensure it produces a clear winner next time.

After February’s election Pier Luigi Bersani refused to form a grand coalition with Silvio Berlusconi’s PdL, but he also failed to win over Beppe Grillo and the 5-star movement.

On his blog Grillo, whose party is not represented in the group, blasted the “wise men” as unreal negotiators.

He also reiterated his position that Italy should not be in a rush to have a government.