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Syria: the singing rebel-rouser at just 12 years old

Syria: the singing rebel-rouser at just 12 years old
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There are few in Syria who are not caught up in the conflict in some form or other. And age is no deciding factor.

Children are involved too, some with guns, others have different roles to play.

Nesma is well-known in Aleppo. At 12 years old, she is the voice of protest every Friday at demonstrations organised by the radical Al Nusrah group.

But Nesma’s contribution is not limited to the city centre. On the Ezzaa front line in the east of Aleppo, she joined members of the Free Syria Army, where there’s no escaping the war.

The Commander, Abu Ali introduces her to his family and once formalities are over, Nesma does what she does best – she sings for the rebels.

This young talisman is being used to raise morale, and it is not long before she’s dodging snipers and criss-crossing through shell-shattered back alleys, heading for the very front of the front line – the battle for Aleppo’s airport.

It was her first taste of the war at first hand, a war where some 12 year old girls wear their own specially-made bullet-proof vests.

Our correspondent in Aleppo, Pablo Herrera said: “Not all children in this country are playing with guns, or dreaming of going to the front like Nesma.
Luckily for the future of Syria, the war has not yet taken the innocence of the majority.”