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North Korea readies rockets and threatens US bases in Pacific

North Korea readies rockets and threatens US bases in Pacific
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Troop movement at North Korea’s missile units has been detected just hours after the country’s leader ordered rocket units to be ready to attack US bases in the Pacific region.

The upsurge in military activity in the North comes after the US flew two nuclear-capable stealth bombers over the Korean peninsular in a rare show of force.

Although South Korea is concerned its government remains circumspect over the motivation for the apparent war mongering.

“Usually the operation instruction is made in secret. Revealing to media that [North Korea’s leader] Kim Jong Un ordered the operation instruction allowing all people in the world know about it, looks like psychological pressure,” said South Korea government spokesman, Kim Min-Seok.

The North has launched a daily barrage of threats since early this month when the United States and its ally South Korea began routine military drills.

Pyongyang is angry at a hike in sanctions imposed after it conducted its third nuclear weapons test in February.

However, few analysts believe the North will risk starting an all-out war.