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Like father, like son: Kim Jong-un looking at things

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Like father, like son: Kim Jong-un looking at things
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He may be in only his third year in office, but North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has already shown he is willing to match and even out-do the provocative rhetoric of his father, Kim Jong-il. Already the younger Kim has ordered nuclear missile tests and threatened to strike US military bases.

But it turns out he is just as prolific as his father when it comes to looking at things.

Kim Jong-il’s penchant for visually examining objects came to the internet’s attention in 2010, with the launch of a Tumblr blog entitled, logically, “Kim Jong-il looking at things.”

The blog showcases hundreds of photos of Kim Jong-il, yes you’ve guessed it, looking at things. From Tupperware and socks to maps and military equipment, there are few objects that escaped the attention of the man who led North Korea between 1994 and 2011.

The pictures were provided by North Korea’s main propaganda unit, the state-run Central News Agency, presumably in order to show just how informed the Dear Leader was about, well, everything in his country. Such was the popularity of looking at Kim Jong-il looking at things, the blog spawned a hardback book and of course had its own Facebook page, liked by more than 60,000 people.

After his father’s death in December 2011, Kim Jong-un inherited the role of leader and looker-at-things-in-chief and has shown great promise when it comes to giving things a thorough glance-over. He may lack experience, and is yet to adopt the sunglasses that gave his father a certain ‘cool’ look when he did his looking but he, too, has a Tumblr blog dedicated to his attentive regard, which has just over 5,000 facebook fans of its own.

Here is a selection of the things Kim Jong-un has been looking at:

  • Kim Jong-un looking at a wooden post

  • Kim Jong-un looking at the horizon

  • Kim Jong-un looking to the right

  • Kim Jong-un looking at uniforms

  • Kim Jong-un looking at a hand

  • Kim Jong-un looking at a pianist

  • Kim Jong-un looking at more uniforms

  • Kim Jong-un looking at military hardware

  • Kim Jong-un looking at model tanks

  • Kim Jong-un looking at a machine

  • Kim Jong-un looking at Kim Il-sung

  • Kim Jong-un looking at musical instruments

  • Kim Jong-un looking at food

  • Kim Jong-un looking at children

  • Kim Jong-un looking at tentacles

  • Kim Jong-un looking at a noticeboard