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Headache for head of state as Italian politics fails - again

Headache for head of state as Italian politics fails - again
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Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is holding urgent talks with all relevant parties in order to fathom a way out of the country’s political deadlock.

After five days of negotiations Pierluigi Bersani, who won the biggest share of the vote in last months election, but fell short a majority failed to form a coalition government.

The stalemate has fueled worries about the stability of the eurozone’s third largest economy.

Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says the only solution is a coalition between his centre-right group and Bersani. “We are willing to accept the nomination of a member of the Democratic Party as prime minister. Even Secretary Bersani is fine,” said the 76-year-old billionaire.

Bersani is not so sure.

The Five-Star Movement, led by Beppe Grillo, has refused point blank to go into government with any of the more established parties.

The options for President Napolitano are narrowing as Berlusconi has warned his group will not accept the formation of another technocrat government.

The 87-year-old Napolitano is reluctant to call another election as the electoral system, dubbed the “pigs mess,” is likely to deliver another non result.