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New melodies for 1926 silent movie

New melodies for 1926 silent movie
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At the Arab World Institute in Paris, the Khoury Brothers perfected their new music for a silent film, a German animation called The Adventures of Prince Achmed, which was made back in 1926. The original music was written by German composer Wolfgang Zeller in collaboration with the animators of the film.

Basil Khoury explained. “We listened to the original music and it was good, but we think our music goes better with the images because we come from the Middle East where the film is set.”

The screening was sold out. The Khoury Project has been successful around the world and is now scheduled to be performed in Marseilles In May.

The three Palestinian brothers, who were raised in Jordan and have lived in Paris since 2007, have now recorded their music so that it is available on CD and DVD. The Adventures of Prince Achmed with the Khoury Brothers’ music is now in the shops on CD and DVD.

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