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UN chemical scientists await permission to enter Syria

UN chemical scientists await permission to enter Syria
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The latest amateur video to emerge from Syria purports to show clashes between rebels and government forces in Deraa and Homs.

The images come at a time when there are growing concerns outside the country that chemical weapons have been used in the conflict.

Pictures have also been posted on the internet that are claimed to show a prominent rebel leader in a Turkish hospital after a bomb exploded in eastern Syria. Riad al-Asaad was a colonel in the air force who defected.

The UN has named a Swedish scientist to head a team to investigate claims that a chemical weapon killed 26 people near Aleppo. Ake Sellstrom’s delegation are awaiting permission to enter the country.

Each side is blaming the other for the alleged chemical attack. The UN said the teams task is to establish if such a weapon had been used, and not necessarily who fired it.

But President Bashar al-Assad has yet to give the green light to the UN’s hope that the investigators could start next week.