Teenager fuels US–Russia adoption row

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Teenager fuels US–Russia adoption row

Teenager fuels US–Russia adoption row
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A Russian teenager, who was adopted by American parents five years ago, has added fuel to an ongoing dispute between Moscow and the United States.

Alexander Abnosov, who is now 18, says he ended up on the streets in Philadelphia and had to steal in order to survive.

He has now returned to be with his biological grandmother in Russia, and spoke of his ordeal on state television.

Speaking of his adoptive mother Alexander said:

“She didn’t giving me any rest. I sat in the room quietly and did nothing, trying not to bother anyone and she looked for arguments and shouted at me for no reason.”

The international dispute began when the US passed the Magnitsky bill in December 2012.

The main intention of this was to punish Russian officials that were thought to be responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky.

He had alleged the officials were involved in large scale systematic theft from the Russian state.

Washington then banned all Russians guilty of human rights violations from entering the US or using the US banking system.

Moscow retaliated by forbidding the US adoption of Russian children, and since then several high profile cases of abuse by American adopters have been broadcast by the media sparking outrage in Russia.