Protest amid Cyprus/Brussels talks

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Protest amid Cyprus/Brussels talks

Protest amid Cyprus/Brussels talks
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As Cypriot politicians held talks in Brussels trying to secure a last minute bailout dozens of people in Cyprus marched in protest.

The Mediterranean island is seeking aid from Europe to avoid financial collapse and possible exit from the eurozone.

Many people are angry with the conditions put upon them however, as the government tries to raise the 5.8 billion euros required to access EU funds.

Among the protesters was Christos, a Telecommunications Employee, he said:

“We are trying to raise our voice to save our country. But Europe has turned its back on us, Russia has turned its back on us and Israel has turned its back on us. We don’t know, we are alone, we are a small country in the Mediterranean.”

Many demonstrators gathered outside of the EU cultural office in the capital, Nicosia.

Some, like Cypriot protester Andri Dimitriou, say they feel betrayed by their European partners.

“We expect solidarity from Europe,” said Andri. “We expect the Europe that we dreamed of, the Europe of support, the Europe of all nations together supporting each other.

“We are a small island, our problem is not so big and we expect support from Europe.”

Outside the Cypriot parliament other people protested the new 100 euro daily limit imposed to prevent a bank run.

There was a strong showing by Russians and Russian Cypriots along with a large number of bank employees who fear for their jobs.

Some collected signatures calling for a referendum, they say they no longer trust the politicians.