What next for Dennis Rodman, the unlikely ambassador?

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What next for Dennis Rodman, the unlikely ambassador?

What next for Dennis Rodman, the unlikely ambassador?
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It all started with the announcement of his visit to North Korea, something very few heads of state have done.

And after meeting the secretive state’s leader, Kim Jong-un, former NBA star Dennis Rodman described him as an “awesome guy”.

The aim of the trip was to film a documentary with the Harlem Globetrotters but it ended as something of a diplomatic tour. A quite controversial diplomatic tour.

But far from trying to show self-restraint, the flamboyant former basketball player positioned himself as a sort of “peace ambassador”.

For Rodman, the solution to the high diplomatic tension between the US and North Korea is easy. “Kim loves basketball. Obama loves basketball. Let’s start there.” he said.

A few days later we got more details on the trip thanks to a North Korean TV report.

Revelling in his new role, Rodman told how he was becoming ever closer to his “friend for life”, Kim Jong-un. He even felt comfortable enough to reveal a state secret.

Then he started receiving letters from fans who said they were concerned about their hero’s new life path.

He also quickly became a figure of fun:

Undeterred, Rodman persisted with his diplomatic rebirth and chose as his next port of call the Vatican.

Once there he declared his support for the election of “the first Black Pope”. Unfortunately for him, the same day Argentinian cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was chosen by the Conclave to lead the Catholic Church.

It wasn’t all bad news though for the 2.01-metre flamboyant power forward they called ‘The Worm’; he did, he claims get to take a ride in the Popemobile.

So what’s next for the Worm? Cyprus, to sort out the financial mess there? Iran, to convince the Ayatollahs that nuclear is not cool?

He has recently taken on a “foreign policy advisor” on Twitter, which may offer some clues as to his next diplomatic mission…

No matter what the next mission will be, Rodman’s latest diplomatic stint got him on the front page of Newsweek magazine: