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Kate Nash Goes It Alone

Kate Nash Goes It Alone
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After her international debut in 2007, Kate Nash has become known for her signature plucky style.

But after three-years dabbling in charity, films and feminist advocacy, she’s back with something different for her third album: ‘Girl Talk’.

Finally daring to indulge herself in her long-standing love for punk music, Nash is excited by the combination with her usual folky rhythms:

“I think it’s different to my other stuff…it’s very raw, it’s sort of, I play bass, everything I wrote on the base basically, already straight away without even any of the other production. It has a tougher punk feel to it. It’s still a pop record because I love pop melodies.”

After a fall-out over the would-be lyrics of her new album, the Brit School graduate left Fiction Records in 2011 in order to set up her own label.

Despite initial fears, Nash acknowledges that going-it alone has proved liberating:

“ I got dropped from my label last summer and that was kind of scary I think, but actually for only a couple of days because it quickly turned around into being an exciting prospect because I’m lucky to be in the position I am on my third record (…)It feels great to be outside that sort of major record label environment where I feel there’s a dark cloud over a lot of people and frustration, and there’s boss upon boss upon boss, pressure upon pressure upon pressure…you just lose creative control.”

Kate Nash is currently touring her new ‘garage punk’ sound – already compared by some to Courtney Love – around the US and the UK now.

‘Girl Talk’ is available on the artist’s very own label, Have 10p Records.