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Pope charms journalists in first media test

Pope charms journalists in first media test
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Hard nosed journalists perhaps more known for their cynicism were won over by a papal charm offensive as a relaxed Pope Francis joked with them during his first meeting with the media.

After he explained his choice of name was in tribute to Francis of Assisi who represented poverty and peace, journalists queued up to meet the new papal superstar.

Rosa Maria Ordaz, reporter from Mexico was just one of the delighted: “There are almost 6000 of us, journalists from all over the world, and I think he did everyone a really profound and humane gesture of gratitude and when he said, “you’ve worked enough.”

Likewise Dan Mannarino from New York was impressed: “I think he was a much more animated Pope Francis this time around compared to Wednesday night where I think he was a little terrified when he came out on the balcony. This time he was making jokes, he was laughing and he also told the story of why he chose the name Francis.

Pope Francis will soon face another test of his communications skills as tens of thousands are expected to flock to St Peter’s Square when he delivers his first Angelus blessing from the windows of the papal apartments on Sunday morning.