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The latest Last Exorcism

The latest Last Exorcism
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Actress Ashley Bell first turned heads in The Last Exorcism in 2010.

It turned out it wasn’t quite the last exorcism as she’s back for the sequel.

Part II continues to follow the story of Nell, played by Bell, who took part in the final exorcism of Reverend Cotton Marcus. In this film Nell is found in the woods and begins to manifest signs of demonic possession. She is subsequently sent to a home for girls with deadly consequences.

Bell spent much of her spare time researching exorcisms to reprise the role.

“I looked into a lot of exorcism footage. I read every book I could find. I watched videos. I listened to audio because the video would be too explicit … I was looking into manias and hysterias so in looking at that I saw images of hysteric fits and that really inspired me.”

The first movie opened at No. 2 at the US. box office and ended up grossing 52 million euros worldwide and Bell was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. It appears horror runs in her blood.

“I grew up watching horror movies with my dad so I can let my imagination run wild and I guess that’s what I love most about doing my job.”

The film was released to the American public with no formal screening for critics, who have since been scathing of the follow-up. However, audiences have made it the number four film in the US with eight million dollars in takings over its first weekend.

It is on release on most European countries this week, but German audiences will have to wait until June to get their dose of demonic possession.

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