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Fantasporto film festival

Fantasporto film festival
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Fantasporto, the International Film Festival in Porto, Portugal, brought together film-makers from all over the world. Argentinian director Andy Muschietti won the best film award for his film “Mama”, a horror story full of scares and surprises.

Andy Muschietti, the director said: “People were forecasting a big success, but no-one foresaw these numbers. After the film premiered in the US, it went to No 1 within the first week!”

Barbara Muschietti, the producer and co-writer, said: “We had the great good luck to cast Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who are both fantastic actors and contributed a lot to its commercial success. And, of course, we have Guillermo (del Toro), which is a seal of quality.”

British writer and film critic Kim Newman was part of this year’s jury. He said “There were enough good films first to have an argument about which ones we would give prizes to. Of course there were a few we liked less, but that’s the way movies go… Overall, it’s been a good week of non-stop film watching.”

The audience award went to Norweigan film Thale, which tells the tale of a mythological creature which is found in a bath after years of hibernation.

Silje Reinamo, the actress who played the creature, said: “Everyone in Scandinavia knows this creature, but it’s never been put on film, so I was the first one doing it. She doesn’t speak at all in the film, so I had to communicate everything with her body language and her eyes. It’s been quite an experience!”

The screening of Aniki-Nobo, a film made 70 years ago, was attended by the director Manoel de Oliviera, who is now 104 years old. The film is about two boys competing over a girl, playing at cops and robbers, until one of them eventually becomes a real thief.

Manoel de Oliveira, the director, said: “What touches me most is that the film was not well received by critics at the time but now it’s the most popular of all my films!”