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Former British cabinet minister jailed for eight months

Former British cabinet minister jailed for eight months
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Former British cabinet minister Chris Huhne and his ex wife Vicky Price have been sentenced to eight months in prison for perverting the course of justice.

The two were convicted after Price took driving licence points for her then husband when he was caught speeding in 2003.

It was alleged during her trial she had chosen to take the points but then plotted to expose her husband after he admitted to having an affair which ended the couple’s 26-year marriage. The judge described her as “controlling, manipulative and devious.”

Chris Huhne consistently denied the charges as the story unravelled in national newspapers. But the former Liberal Democrat MP finally admitted his guilt. He had said the judge lied “again and again” adding the 58-year-old had “fallen from a great height.”
Huhne’s initial sentence was nine months but his guilty plea meant a reduced term.

Huhne who resigned as energy secretary after his admission of guilt had been considered a likely successor to Nick Clegg to lead the Liberal Democrats.