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Vice President accuses Venezuela's "enemies" of attacking Hugo Chavez

Vice President accuses Venezuela's "enemies" of attacking Hugo Chavez
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Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro has accused the country’s enemies of attacking President Chavez as his health takes a turn for the worse.

Addressing top military and political leaders Maduro said he will launch a scientific investigation into Chavez’s cancer.

He has also expelled a military attaché from the US embassy in Caracas for allegedly plotting against the government. He claims the cancer was an attack to undermine democracy in the Latin American country.

Maduro has confirmed that Chavez is suffering from a severe infection and has trouble breathing. He said these were Chavez’s “most difficult hours” but wanted to reassure the population.

The opposition has been calling on the government to clarify the situation as death rumours circulate in the capital. Students protested in an effort to get a clear statement on the President’s health.