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Syrian soldiers slaughtered in Iraq

Syrian soldiers slaughtered in Iraq
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As many as 48 Syrian soldiers and government employees have been killed by unidentified gunmen in Iraq.

They were among a group of Syrian nationals who crossed the border into Iraq to escape a Syrian rebel attack last week.

Iraqi officials were escorting the group to the Syrian border when they came under fire in the town of Akashat in Anbar province.

Authorities say nine Iraqi soldiers were also killed in the ambush.

In Syria itself, opposition fighters claim to have captured the northeastern city of Raqqa as crowds demolished a statue of President Bashar al-Assad’s father.

Reports suggest the town has been overrun by Islamist brigades, which attacked from the north.

Syrian army units are now said to be dug in around the provincial airport around 60 kilometres from Raqqa and remain a threat.

Israel is keeping a close eye on the situation in Syria. President Shimon Peres says international intervention is out of the question and the Arab League should move to stop the bloodshed.

“Syria is an Arab country. The Arabs are more knowledgeable about what’s going on there. The rest of us are foreigners. I think the Arab League should build a transitional government for a year or two. I think this should be supported by the United Nations”

You can see the full interview with Shimon Peres on the “Global Conversation” on euronews at 20.10 CET on Tuesday.