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Conclave behind the scenes

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Conclave behind the scenes
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As the Conclave to choose the next pope begins very few people understand this secretive process.

Our Rome correspondent spoke to Valerio Gigante from the Adista agency, which specialises in news concerning the Catholic Church.

Valerio Gigante:

I believe there are several factions within the Conclave; there are those that are based on nationality which is the most classic and typical, then there’s a separation between the conservatives and the liberals.

There are especially geopolitical, economic and financial tendencies that play a huge role and have already played a crucial role during the resignation of the last Pope.

Alberto De Filippis, euronews:

“Did the last Pontiff change – or at least try to change – the appointment of the cardinals or the course of the Church during his time on office?”.

Valerio Gigante:

“I think that he largely underestimated the challenge of governing the Church. He found himself confronted by lots of infighting among Cardinals and among movements, who represented different economic and financial interests, that he didn’t manage to take control. In the last Consistory, in November, he tried to bring in six new cardinals from outside of Europe to try to balance this situation, by giving a broader and more universal character to the Conclave. But in spite of this, I think it remains strongly compromised by the fact that in past years, the Cardinals have been chosen because of their affiliation to one of the several factions, which are fighting for power inside the Church”.