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Chagall as historian

Chagall as historian
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A new exhibition of Marc Chagall’s work has opened at the Musee de Luxembourg in Paris. His paintings are presented as an eyewitness account of the turbulent events that shaped the 20th century.

Julia Garimorth-Foray, the exhibition’s curator, said: “The exhibition tries to show historical events during the 20th century, during Chagall’s life. He lived through all its important events: two World Wars, the Russian Revolution and exile, we look at how these events are reflected in his painting, in his work.”

The exhibition presents a wide range of works from various periods of the artist’s life. Although Chagall was always very conscious of his Jewish identity he also wanted to be perceived as an avant-garde painter, as a universal painter.

The sudden death of his first wife Bella features prominently in his work. She is often depicted wearing a wedding dress in Chagall’s familiar dreamlike depictions of love. Her death affected him profoundly and he stopped painting for two years.

The exhibition runs until July.

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