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Israel's Peres reacts to Turkish PM's 'zionism' remarks - euronews exclusive

Israel's Peres reacts to Turkish PM's 'zionism' remarks - euronews exclusive
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Israel’s President Shimon Peres has criticised Turkish Prime Minister RecepTayyip Erdogan for linking Zionism with ‘crimes against humanity like anti-semitism and fascism’ during a speech on February 28 in Vienna.

Peres spoke out during an exclusive interview with euronews correspondent Jon Davies, who asked the Israeli President how he felt about Erdogan drawing parallels between Zionism and violent ideologies.

Peres answered: “I regret it very much. It’s based on ignorance. It raises the flames of hatred – totally unnecessary and completely unfounded. So this is one of the regretful experiences in the recent days.”

Relations between the two countries have been frosty since 2010, when Israeli marines killed nine Turks aboard an aid convoy attempting to breach Israel’s blockade of the the Gaza strip.

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Erdogan’s remarks “objectionable” as he kicked off a visit to Turkish capital, Ankara.

Watch the full exclusive euronews interview with Shimon Peres on Tuesday evening at 8.10 CET.