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Berlusconi lashes out at Italian magistrates in Mediaset trial

Berlusconi lashes out at Italian magistrates in Mediaset trial
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The political uncertainty may be the consuming interest for most Italians, but for Silvio Berlusconi judicial matters keep cropping up.

On Friday morning the former prime minister, who is challenging for his share of power in any new government, appeared in a Milan court and lashed out at prosecutors accusing him of tax fraud connected to his Mediaset group.

The case centres on trading of film rights for TV broadcasts.

“I have never been involved in the acquisition of television rights,” Berlusconi insisted, “either in my previous activities nor after entering politics. I have never participated in any rights trading, I have never written a letter on those rights, never signed a contract or taken part in negotiations.”

He went on to say: “It is clear and evident that it (the judiciary) is a disease of our system, a cancer in our democracy.”

Along with the Mediaset trial Berlusconi faces fresh allegations of trying to bribe a senator in 2006.

Although having faced up to 30 prosecutions he has never been definitively convicted. Nonetheless he is currently on trial for allegedly making public the taped contents of a confidential phone call; and for paying for sex with an underage girl.