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Fleshing out love in 'Warm Bodies'

Fleshing out love in 'Warm Bodies'
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Canadian film ‘Warm Bodies’ is a spoof on the whole teeny Twilight genre with a sly poke at Romeo and Juliet thrown in for good measure.

Reviewers have called it funny, quirky, feel-good and say it should appeal to teens as well as to their parents.

John Malkovich, who plays the Daddy Capulet character, explained why he thinks it works: “In this film there’s quite of bit of play with the zombie genre and quite a bit of movement in the characters which you wouldn’t normally see. And there are kind of zombies and then kind of extreme zombies. Some of them have many human traits so I think it’s kind of in sync for that reason.”

The movie is based on the debut novel ‘Warm Bodies’ written by Isaac Marion.

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